The Fourth Executive Council meeting of the project was made.

The fourth Executive Council meeting of the project “A Framework for Resistant Cities: Green Oriented Adaptation (Green Re-vision: A Framework for the Resilient Cities)” was made. The project is conducted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Room Administration, Cities and Clean Energy Branch and Landscape Surveys Association is one of its beneficiaries.

The project is financed by the European Union, its beneficiary institution is Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, contracting authority is Central Finance and Contracting Unit and it is supported within the scope of “Capacity Enhancement Grant Programme in the Field of Climate Change in Turkey.”  The meeting where the studies made until the 10th month of the project were evaluated, was held on 19.07. 2018, in the Healthy Cities and Clean Energy Branch meeting room.Landscape Surveys Association Chairman Hakan Alpan, Landscape Surveys Association Board Treasurer Semiha Demirbaş Çağlayan, Healthy Cities and Clean Enerji Branch personnel and project experts S. Gökçen Karaduman, Eylem Demircioğlu and Meral Aydın from İzmir Metropolitan Municipality joined the meeting.