The second monitoring visit of the project was made.

The project “A Framework for Resistant Cities: Green Oriented Adaptation (Green Re-vision: A Framework for the Resilient Cities) which is conducted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Room Administration and which Landscape Surveys Association is one of the beneficiaries of, finalised its first year. Regarding the studies carried out within the scope of the project, the Central Finance and Contracting Unit made its second monitoring visit on 19.10.2018. 

The monitoring visit made in Healthy Cities and Clean Energy Branch Project Office and was joined by Grant Unit Tendering Director Yasemin KIZILKOCA, Tendering Director Seda BATMAZ and Finance Director Nagihan AYVAZ from Central Finance and Contracting Unit; Project Coordinator Özlem SEVİNÇ GÖKMEN, Project Expert Dr. Eylem DEMİRCİOĞLU, Project Expert Meral AYDIN and Project Management Expert Saadet Gökçen KARADUMAN from the project team.

In the monitoring visit, various topics will be discussed such as whether the project is conducted in accordance with its aim and definition (Description of the Action), difficulties faced in the application of the project and solution offers, how the structures concerning the management and inner monitoring of the project are operated, which activities are performed/ precautions are taken within the context of sustainability, to what extent performance indicators are achieved, availability of sources of verification and conforming the rules of visibility.