İzmir’s Climate Model is Being Formed.

In the studies carried out within the context of the project “A Framework for Resistant Cities: Green Oriented Adaptation (Green Re-vision: A Framework for the Resilient Cities),which is conducted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Room Administration Healthy Cities and Clean Energy Branch and which Landscape Surveys Association is one of the beneficiaries of,  a climate model of İzmir for the years 2050 and 2100 is formed.

The climate model simulation that corresponds to global scenarios, rests upon global climate models developed by the modelling groups worldwide through CMIP5, which supports the 5th Assessment Report of “Ingovernmental Panel on Climate Change” (IPCC). These projections are prepared for the Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) representing the different greenhouse gas and emission scenarios and changes of landuse utilized in the last IPCC evaluation report (IPCC2013). 

In our project, our aim is to adapt these scenarios prepared for the World to İzmir as an entire city and to obtain projections, which cover the period between 2050 and 2100, with the downscaling method where RCP 4.5 (moderate) and RPC 8.5 (pessimistic) scenarios are applied, based on local measurements. In the project, the model simulations made within the context of climate change projections are made up of monthly, seasonal and yearly average temperature, monthly, seasonal and yearly areal precipitation, average temperature for the coldest three months of the year, average temperature for the hottest three months of the year, areal precipitation for the most arid three months of the year, areal precipitation for the wettest three months of the year, monthly evaporization, mean monthly earth temperature, total monthly soil moisture, monthly average wind velocity and radiation variables.The İzmir Climate Model that will be obtained will play a big role in the evaluation of potential climate change effects which will occur until the year 2100.