Green Re-vision: A Framework For The Resilient Cities Project
The project “Green Re-vision: A Framework for the Resilient Cities” is one of the 38 grant projects sponsored within the scope of “The Capacity Building in the Field of Climate Change in Turkey Grant Scheme”, which is financed by the European Union and Turkish Republic, the beneficiary institution of which is the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation and the contracting authority of which is the Central Finance and Contracting Unit. The project is conducted by the Department of Environmental Protection and Control, Directorate of Healthy Cities and Clean Energy with the contract number TR2013/0327.05.01-02/099, dated 08/05/2017 and the act of parliament numbered 97509404.301.05.435. Landscape Research Society is the beneficiary of this project. The aim of the project is to create a resilient urban area in a context of climate change bu using, enhancing and supporting the potential of green infrastructure. 

The works planned to be executed as part of the project are listed below: 
*Forming climate models considering the moderately optimistic and the most pessimistic climate scenarios for the period between the years 2050-2100 in İzmir and around the city,
*The mapping of urban green infrastructure system for the Balçova district of İzmir and forming land use and change models,
*The calculation and mapping of regulatory urban ecosystem services for the Balçova district,
*Preparing suggestions for İzmir to adapt to climate change in the wake of all the mappings, 
*Forming a guidebook including the analyses, reports and map data obtained and formed throughout the project. 
*Holding seminars on topics such as effects of climate change, adapting climate change, urban green infrastructure and climate change intended for Metropolitan Municipality, district municipalities, non-governmental organizations, academics, students and other related institutions. 
*Providing training for 500 secondary education students in Balçova district on the topics urban ecology, the effects of climate change and climate change adaptation. 
*Holding an International Closing Conference where all the results will be announced and experts will be participating. 
*Handing out project visibility materials (brochures, notebooks, flashdisks) within the context of studies aimed at increasing awareness. 
*The preparation, printing and distribution (1,000 items) of the guidebook which will include climate change projections regarding İzmir and around the city, the effect of climate change on the city and expected results; the mapping of green infrastructure system, calculation of ecosystem services and suggestions in the process of adaptation to changing climatic conditions.