The aim of the project “Green Re-vision: A Framework of The Resilient Cities” is to create a resilient urban area in a context of climate change by using, enhancing and supporting the potential of green infrastructure. We plan to reach this overarching goal through three specific objectives and the consequent results: a) to develop a framework that makes the city more resilient to the impacts of climate change, b) to increase the technical capacity to enhance the capacity building of target groups and shareholders on climate change action and c) to increase public awareness on climate change by disseminating knowledge and experience.
Within the context of the project, the climate model was formed for the moderately optimistic and the most pessimistic climate scenarios for the period between the years 2050 and 2100 in İzmir. The ranges of the variables average temperature, total precipitation, evaporation, average soil moisture, average wind velocity and radiation were mapped. Besides in Balçova, chosen as the pilot area, the changes that occured on the land cover between the years 1955-2015 and 2015-2017 were mapped, a land cover/ land use exchange model was prepared and urban green infrastructure system was mapped. In the pilot area Balçova district, the run-off retention, carbon sequestration and air purification ecosystem services were calculated.
The International Closing Conference where the analysis studies made will be presented and discussed will be held on March 7-8, 2019 in İzmir Art Center. Many national and international conference participants will have the chance to gather to discuss the topics climate change, adaptation strategies, green infrastructure systems and urban ecology within the context of “Conference on Climate Change Adaptation: Green Re-vision for Resilient Cities". Sessions will be organized on Climate Change, Turkey and Local Governments, City and Ecosystem, Ecosystem and Services, Urban Green Areas, City and Ecosystem Services.