Project Reporting Training for Grant Beneficiaries

“Project Reporting Training for Grant Beneficiaries” was organized on 8-9 May 2018 in Ankara within the context of The Grant Programme for Increasing the Capacity in the Area of Climate Change in Turkey by the İklimIN Project Technical Support Team of Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation. Project experts from Healthy Cities and Clean Energy Branch joined the trainings on behalf of our municipality. 

The purpose of the training concerned is to convey the grant beneficiaries the reporting principles to supportthemin preparing the Interim Reports and Final Reports they are responsible for presenting, to explain  the contents of the templates that should be prepared in technical and financial units and to explain the supporting documents that are expected to be presented, their way of presentation and filing aspects.Hereby, a qualified reporting process with the data and documents that will be presented faultlessly and a successful and fast project closure period and balance settlement by the contracting authority is aimed at.