The 5th Executive Board meeting was made.

As part of the studies carried out within the context of the project “A Framework for Resistant Cities: Green Oriented Adaptation (Green Revision: A Framework for the Resilient Cities” which was performed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Environmental Protection and Control Room, Cities and Clean Energy Branch Office and which Landscape Surveys Association was one of the beneficiaries of, the analyses regarding İzmir Climate Model, Terrain Change Model and the measuring of Ecosystem Services were completed.

The climate model formed for İzmir, the results of modelling, the measuring, mapping and results of land degradations and ecosystem services were discussed at the meeting. Project advisor Prof. Dr. Süha Berberoğlu indicated that İzmir Climate Model for the years 2050-2100 was formed according to the HadGEM-2 model, supported by the moderately optimistic and pessimistic climate scenarios mentioned in the fifth report of IPCC. Berberoğlu indicated that, according to the model formed, for the years 2050-2100, yearly change in average temperature will bring temperature rise in lowland and that temperature may fall annually due to over-cooling in the winter months in high grounds by the optimistic climate scenario. According to the pessimistic climate scenario, a high increase is expected in average temperature in the regions close to the sea and in lowland whereas a decrease is expected at areas higher than 1500 meters in the annual average. He stated that for the years 2050-2100, a general increase in the yearly areal precipitation may be expected in the optimistic climate scenario, whereas a decrease may be expected city-wide in İzmir in the pessimistic climate scenario. 

A land cover/ land use changes map was produced and a transformation matrix was prepared.Change map was obtained through the location based comparisons of the images dated before and after. According to this, regarding the changes between two dates, an area of 658, 29 hectares was urbanised. As a result, it was indicated that suggestions will be formed in the next phase and it was emphasized that one of the most important precautions to be taken to protect the cities from the effects of climate change, was to increase the amount of green areas and flora and to strengthen the green infrastructure of cities.  

Head of Landscape Surveys Association, Prof. Dr. Hakan Alphan, vice president of Landscape Surveys Association, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Çiğdem Coşkun Hepcan, TDİ Landscape agent Serdal Coşgun, TDİ Lanscape agent Harun Kılıçoğlu, Project Advisor Prof.Dr. Süha Berberoğlu from Çukurova University, Project Coordinator Özlem Sevinç Gökçen, Project Expert Dr. Eylem Demircioğlu, Project Expert Meral Aydın, Project Expert S. Gökçen Karaduman and Akın Küçükyılmaz, Çağlar Tükel and Sevinç Fırat Aydoğan from İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Healthy Cities and Clean Energy Branch Office joined the project meeting held on 06.07.08 at Healthy Cities and Clean Energy Branch, Project Office. 

In the monitoring visit, various topics will be discussed such as whether the project is conducted in accordance with its aim and definition (Description of the Action), difficulties faced in the application of the project and solution offers, how the structures concerning the management and inner monitoring of the project are operated, which activities are performed/ precautions are taken within the context of sustainability, to what extent performance indicators are achieved, availability of sources of verification and conforming the rules of visibility. Green infrastructure suggestions are developed for İzmir according to changing climatic conditions as analyses regarding the climate model, land degradation change model and the measurement of ecosystem services are completed. After the results of the analysis were evaluated, there was a technical visit to the terrain.